Wednesday, 7 February 2007

James Casbolt and the Brecon Beacons.

James Casbolt and the Brecon Beacons Pt 1.

As a native of the South Wales Valleys, I took great interest a few months back in an article by James Casbolt on July 4th 2006 entitled 'What you need to know for your future'.

The article claimed that a deep underground military base (or D.U.M.B) exists below the Brecon Beacons, as a previous subscriber to the Dulce DUMB I became excited at the prospect of a base closer to home that would be worthy of investigation.

However my initial excitement in the article turned to scepticism when the article went on to state that :-

"The bases are on average the size a medium sized city. Each DUMB base costs between 17 and 26 billion dollars to build which is funded by MI6/CIA drug money. Each underground base employs 10000 to 18000 workers. A nuclear powered drill it used to dig underground. This drill goes through rock at a tremendous rate and literally melts the rock away to form a smooth glass like surface around the edges of the tunnels."

I have a few issues with these statements made by Jame Casbolt and they are:

1. In order to build such an underground city would create massive disruption to the local area, and large amounts of materials would be needed. I have yet to find any articles/news stories or evidence which would give credence to this story. In terms of building such a DUMB I find the story unlikely.

2. The employment of lets say 10,000 workers at a DUMB in the Brecon Beacons would create chaos on the roads, namely the A470 which runs from North to South of the Brecon Beacons range. The majority of which is single carriageway. How would James propose that these workers get back and for work? Where do they park? if they were to park underground for arguments sake wouldn't this create a tail back with the many thousands of workers trying to get to work? In terms of logistical people management I find the story to be unlikely.

3. The nuclear powered drill referred to by James is highly unlikely, and I will come back to this in a another post.

"It was here that George showed D photographs of human mutilations they had found near the heavily guarded Breaken beacon DUMB in Wales. These photos were taken at a sealed off area where UFO activity had taken place."

4. James Casbolt refers to the DUMB as heavily guarded, the Brecon Beacons is a national park, and has been for 50 years, where there are 1,852km of public rights of way (footpaths, bridleways and byways) in the Park allowing visitors to explore the area not only on foot but also on horseback or by bicycle. Surely in 50 years on of the many walkers/explorers of the National Park would have stumbled across the heavily guarded base? Again therefore, lack of any evidence leads me to believe this story is unlikely.

What reason does James casbolt have to create such a hoax? I can only assume this will come out in the fullness of time. Untill then if James or anybody else for that matter has evidence which can prove me wrong on any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Richard Jenkins said...

I agree,but it could be posible that the workers have to live there just like in the film resident evil and they could be using drills in a bunker or one of the military training grounds.but i guess well all know in time.2012 is coming!!!lol!

Anonymous said...

I am suprised you're seriously discussing what this guy is saying. He's clearly a con artist.

Anonymous said...

The guy is an ex heroin addict and this is most definitely a hoax. I've known him and his family for years and all the time that he was apparently trafficking drugs he was actually in rehab.
Also, although this has already been said, images on his site are fake, for instance the images of photonplasmoids are actually grains of sand being blown in front of the camera lens (it happens to me all the time when I'm at the beach).
I really do like James but I guess enough is enough....

Anonymous said...

I had dismissed JC having explored his material; he is after all, a self-confessed MK slave and is, therefore, not in control of his words/actions. As for DUMBs, it is conceivable that underground basis have been in existence since before our time and with state of the art technologies, can be accessed and extended/equipped without public attention. However, if you reside there and have, to the best of your ability established that no such base exists at present, you are the best authority on this matter in this region at this time. One has to assume that you know all about camouflage. JC is, I think at any rate, quite accurate about cyber soldiers; the technologies certainly exist for regeneration and cloning. Having read extensively on the subject of mind control techniques and seeing the very evidence in action in the world around me, it is interesting to hear JC's account of what he can remember and translate of his own experience. It is of no surprise whatsoever that JC was/is involved in drug trafficking as this is the staple food supporting the system. Youth, in particular, are targeted for the use of and trafficking of 'narcotics'. This in itself should not undermine the veracity of his accounts as it is 'par for the course'. Where I become suspicious is the claims that we are 'fighting an ET hostile takeover' and to my mind, anyone closely linked with Project Camelot is NASA/NAZI controlled counter-intelligence.

The game play of Psychpolitics is to ridicule those who present facts by control. Therefore, the information which is actual is completely undermined by information which is false and can be proven to be false, such as the graphics mentioned. Throwing baby out with bathwater.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant to say, JC is the latest person to indict the Brecon Beacons as a DUMB in the abduction of children. Many claims have been made on this account over the years.

Welsh Mulder said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comments. I have however yet to see any credible information regarding a DUMB in the Brecon Beacons area. If anyone wishes to forward me information on this subject I am quite happy to investigate and publish any findings on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Welsh: being so close, your comments are appreciated, as are yours anonymous. Question everything, explore and evaluate; the truth will out in the end........... In fighting within has begun. The final chapter is about to be written; then it can start all over again. Search and, eventually, you shall find!

Anonymous said...

Who knows whether its true or not? just treat it like a ghost story! as long as no one is hurt people can believe what they like. However if there is a bunker there, i doubt they would advertise it..